Photoshop Badassery! Contest to get in!

HEY HEY! If you're an author running this crazy thing we call business, then you'll know that marketing can have a HUGE impact on your sales. 

Trying to DIY your Book Covers & Ad Graphics can quickly become a stress-inducing task, ESPECIALLY if you end up funneling your money into them for ZERO return. Advertising your book requires beautiful graphics. It's been proven over and over. People like pretty things guys.

Trust me, I get the struggle.

Well, if you don't know much about marketing & design in general, you could end up shoveling money to a blood sucking vampire. 

Who wants to feed the bad money sucking vampire? I'll answer that for you - NO ONE! (We do love the pretty vampires though!) 

What else do I need besides a beautiful cover & a decent ad?

More than you might think. Imagine coming across an ad for an AMAZING product, but you don't get too much information about it in the copy on the ad, OR the design.... or anywhere... 

So, some things you need to capture audiences:

1. Your ad graphic or image isn't enticing

This is a BIG reason someone might just scroll right past your ad on their feed.

In a world of endless scrolling, you NEED to present something that will capture their attention, in the story, AND in the design. Bright colors, legibility and clear point will always help in this instance, but make sure that it's not too overwhelming, and always follow the advertisers guidelines!

2.Your ad copy is kinda sorta bad....

Not my expertise here, but they all tie together. Without ONE, the other falls flat. In all seriousness, copy is VERY important, especially when it comes to advertising and marketing your product (which is that delicious blood sucking vampire right?). But hey, you're writing books... you GOT this right?

3. You're targeting the wrong audience (yes this applies to design) <<< I've seen some stuff guys!<<<

You can have the best story on the planet, but if you are constantly trying to sell a romance to someone who reads horror, you'll be fishing for sales for a while. Your graphics must have a certain mood, style and feel to attract the right one-click finger. If your graphics look paranormal and you're selling Rom-Com.... it's not looking good guys.

But wouldn't you save so much time and money just selling a Romantic Comedy to someone who LOVES romance in particular? That's what I'm gonna help you with.

After all, time is money.

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