Meet the Weirdo

Me, Regina Wamba. In all my sarcastic introvert glory...I'm a nerdy rebel who is determined to do things differently (I'm stubborn like that). Professional Dreamer (seriously, head is always in the clouds). And a super charged pumped up positive creative.

My creations have been given awards, featured in magazines, and have graced multiple New York Times & USA Today bestsellers lists while landing my work on bookshelves (and magazine shelves? LOL) across the globe (I'm still in shocked about this one!).


My whole heart (seriously, I care) is in every venture I put out into the world whether it is from behind a camera lens, a Macbook screen, a snarky tee, journals & books or world-trekking adventures. I'm an artist, mom to three equally small weirdos, wife, entrepreneur, and teacher building a creative empire to inspire and empower others. My dream is to design a space for creative weirdos like me to build their biggest dreams (because we're stubborn like that) through visual art. I want people to hold magic in their hands, and always believe in their own unique, incredible talents.


I love Buddha. (I'm half zen half, sarcastic rebel)

Cold brew is my jam.

I’m a pineapple pizza loving rebel.

I love snarky t-shirts

I like my husband. He's cool I guess. (Don't tell him that though)

I made three beautiful, smart, sarcastic, & opinionated hoomans. 

I’m a mom determined to raise kind and loving human beings. 

I have an ice cube obsessed dog. Her name is Lucy. 

I see 11:11 every day. MAGICAL UNIVERSAL NUMBERS.

I have 6 tattoos and ready for more. 

I’m a self taught photographer. 

I love books. (Duh.) 

I love paperbacks more than devices. 

Bookstores are my favorite places to hang. 

I’m a target addict. 

I hate socks. 

I’m a mean cook, but a terrible baker. 

I love summer. 

Water is my element. 

I’m intuitive. 

I’m determined to see the world and be a part of change however I can. 

My mission in life is to inspire. 

I suffer from RBF. (Do others suffer from your RBF too?)

I’m geeky over tech, art supplies, new pens and movies. 

No idea is random or unimportant. 

I love to teach people. 

Beaches are life, but sand is the devil. 

Minnesota is too cold.

Full throttle and all-in, my brain is an explosion of ideas and color and I only wishes that my hands could keep up with my imagination. 

Let's make magic.


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